Why Enktron

Enktron is the result of a partnership between two excellencies in the embedded technology, Engicam Srl and KED Srl, joined to offer cutting-edge FPGA systems as well as hardware and software consulting services for the development of customized boards based on the specific requirements of different projects.

Enktron - Engicam Ked company


Engicam, founded in 2004 and entirely managed by the owners, is a company focused on designing, developing, and producing high-performance embedded computing products.

Engicam provides both high-level hardware and software support from product development to mass production.

All modules have a guaranteed long-term production availability, up to 15 years from CPU launch, they are designed and developed taking care to minimize the form factor and are proven in hundreds of different applications under extremely hard thermal and mechanical operating conditions.

The majority of Engicam modules are available in SODIMM, MicroGEA, or SMARC formats and are mutually compatible for a complete scalability.

Thanks to its expertise and well-known service level, Engicam successfully developed collaborations with the key OEM’s in consumer, automotive, marine and railway fields, and with small and medium companies operating in niches of industrial market.  

KED Electronic Design


KED is an Italian company founded in 2015 focused on embedded technologies, which combines the latest hardware and software systems to create innovative solutions for its customers.

KED is able to offer a service that cover the whole production process: consultancy and electronic design, prototyping, development of software, hardware study and implementation, product certification, test and inspection, up to the after-sales assistance of the product, such as Hardware design of FPGA-based electronic boards for industrial and aerospace applications, custom VHDL firmware development, development of multiprocessor architectures for real-time image processing and may others applications for different industrial sectors for national and international clients. 

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