Design Services

We provide our experience in complex projects, with a complete package of support from product development to the supervision of the entire production process.

Whether your application requires to acquire and process signals and images, to control motors and actuators, or to develop network communication protocols, we are able to create the perfect System On Chip (SOC) and to support you in all the design stages of specific hardware and software for developing your product.

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ENKTRON’s focus is the technology development on FPGA and On Chip Systems, using the latest technologies of the leading FPGA manufacturers such as Xilinx Zynq SoC and Zynq Ultrascale MPSoC, synonyms of high performance and flexibility.

We develop and distribute integrated FPGA modules, evaluation boards and optimized IP Cores for different applications, such as embedded processing (SoC systems using ARM® or soft processors), signal and image processing, deep Learning algorithms.


We support you in all the different design and developing phases, from the requirements, till the prototype realization, due to the straight collaboration with distributors and production companies.

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Embedded Software

We look for the best solution for your application, development and customization of Linux Kernels, real-time operating systems, and the implementation of specific solutions for areas that require high safety levels.

BSP Development

Linux drivers, creation of ‘custom’ BSPs for safety systems, advanced algorithms for smart systems.

Our software is already operative in different application fields of application such as industrial plc, radar systems, medical equipment, control units for Automotive and Railway applications.

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