Kronos – XC7Z

KRONOS- XC7Z is a series of System-On-Modules based on the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 All Programmable (AP) SoC.

They are designed to be at the same time robust and extremely flexibles, offering the versatility to migrate between 7007, 7010, 7014,7020, Zynq-7000 AP SoC devices in a pin-compatible footprint.

Enktron KRONOS- XC7Z module contains the common functions required to support the core of most SoC designs, including DDR3 memory, configuration, Ethernet, USB, power and clocks.

It provides easy access to over 100 user I/O pins through three I/O connectors.

Designers can simply design their own carrier card, plug-in FLUID-ZYNQ700AP, and start their application development with a proven Zynq-7000 AP SoC sub-system.


The main component of Som KRONOS – XC7Z is a Zynq ™ -7000 AP SoC architecture. This SOC class combines a dual-core Cortex ™ -A9 MPCore ™ ARM® processor with a 28nm Xilinx Artix FPGA matrix.

The logic part associated with the ARM section the Zynq includes:

  • Xilinx® ZynqTM7020
  • Dual ARM® CortexTM A9 MPCoreTM up to 800MHz
  • NEONTM / FPU Engine
  • 32KB I/D L1 Cache, 512KB L” Cache 256KB On-Chip Memory
  • Hard Coded Peripherals: SPI, I2C, CAN, UART, GPIO, USB, GBit EMAC

The logic part associated with the FPGA section the Zynq includes:

  • 85K Logic Cells (1.3M Approximate ASIC Gates)
  • 220 Programmable DSP Slices
  • 560KB of Internal Block RAM

SoM Technical Information

PlatformZynq 7020, Zynq 7010, Zynq 7014, Zynq 7007
RamUp to 1GByte DDR3
RomUp to 512Mbit QSPI and 4GByte Nand
Ethernet10/100/1000 Ethenet Phy
UsbUSB 2.0 OTG Phy
I/O108 user I/O and up to 50 differential pair
Power SupplySingle 5V power supply
On board voltage3.3V@600mA, 1.8V@600mA for user use
Bank VoltageSeparate Power
Dimensions68mm X 32mm sodimm module
evaluation board

Evaluation board

The DVK carrier board supports development with the KRONOS- XC7Z module and contains all the peripherals necessary for the management of Gigabit Ethernet, USB, as well as standard interfaces such as uSD card and USB-UART adapter.

All programmable logic pins are available through the LPC FMC connector.

In addition, an HDMI output port is available for models that mount the SoM model with Z7014 and Z7020

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